Turn Right When You Get to London

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Current Affairs, Elections, EU, UK
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European leaders will be meeting tonight in what was thought to be a review and analysis of the Ukraine elections which took place this past Sunday.  Instead, there will be some deep soul searching within their own ranks following the results of this past week’s European Parliamentary elections and the the rise of the far right. 

Most notably the British Conservative and Labour parties failing to poll ahead of the upstart UK Independent Party (UKIP) thereby throwing the uneasy coalition government of David Cameron into confusion as to which direction it must go next.  Cameron has been steadily moving Britain to a referendum no later than December 31, 2017 with the possibility of opting out of the EU.  This move is now seen as less likely with the surprising strong showing of UKIP this past weekend. 

Meanwhile Cameron’s junior partner in his coalition government, Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrats, is perhaps the biggest loser in this past weekend’s political quake. The Liberal Democrats lost ten out of its eleven seats leaving it clinging by one seat of being out the door of the European Parliament.  Despite this devastating loss Clegg has deviantly stated he will not resign though he is in a decidedly weakened political state.

The most worrisome aspect for David Cameron is the possibility of UKIP splitting the vote in next year’s national elections.  It could very well prove that both Labour and Conservative parties would be shut out thereby forcing another scenario of partnering with a now weakened Liberal Democratic party.

This weekend’s EU Parliamentary elections have cast a wide and dark shadow across Europe’s future but especially over the Britain’s ruling elite who now not only struggle with the challenge of a Scottish independence referendum this September but Britain’s future writ large in a once unified European Union whose seeds of destruction are growing in British soil.


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