Call Them the Redskins…but Only When They Win

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Current Affairs


Back in 2014 there was war waged (yet again) against the lowly Washington Redskins football team. It was the summer of 2014 and training camp was in full swing – about a month before the start of preseason. Training camp may be the stupidest time in the NFL season. We don’t have any idea whether the perennial powers of the NFL will continue to dominate, we don’t know which team will accelerate up the winning ladder out of nowhere or which players will break out and be the next League superstar.
What we do know is that during this time those who know very little about football will treat the NFL as a social science experiment. Repeatedly, and true to form, this is the time of year when the mavens of political correctness put pressure on the Redskins organization to change its name.
In 2014 the pressure to change the Redskins’ name became a mantra on every conceivable talk show. Oprah Winfrey chimed in, the subject was all over the inane dribble that comes out of The View, discussed even in the halls of Congress. Every progressive voice pegged the shrill meter, insisting that Redskins’ owner Dan Synder change the name of this storied football club.
Not to be left of out of the excitement several NFL commentators jumped on this creaking bandwagon. Phil Sims of CBS and Tony Dungy of NBC pledged (no doubt on a stack of Huffington Post articles) they would never refer to the Redskins as the Redskins ever again. This left viewers wondering if the team would be referred to as “Washington” or “those guys” or simply “the opposing team on the gridiron.”  Fast forward to January 2016. The Washington (whoever they are) are in the playoffs. They will host the Green Bay Packers next weekend.
Interestingly, everyone on TV is referring to the Redskins as …the Redskins! Even the “has been” personages of Phil Sims and Tony Dungy referred to the Washington team as the Redskins this past weekend in broadcasting their respective games.
What happened? Why the change of heart? Perhaps in 2014 the Redskins provided an opportune target. The Washington Redskins have been bottom dwellers in the NFC East Division for many years and everyone likes to pick on a loser. None of the politically correct chose to deride the Kansas City Chiefs or the Atlanta Braves – they of the offensive tomahawk chop.

If you go further afield, you could even point the shaking finger of righteousness at the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. Oh no, it’s the Washington Redskins in the sights of the progressive left. Of course, this was only after the progressive left finally figured out what football was.
Redskins paraphernalia has been flying off store shelves as of late – hats and shirts that would have once been on the receiving end of derisive comments reserved for those wearing NRA hats. Now everyone is proudly sporting the Burgundy and Gold emblazed with that dreaded name: The Redskins.

I’m sure the politically correct will stick to their guns, unless of course the Redskins beat the Packers this Sunday. Then all bets are off and all is forgiven. Braves on the warpath and fight for ole DC.


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